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Sometimes in today’s modern world we can forget the beauty in the natural and handmade arts. Let me build that personalized “thing” for you.

Reach out for custom orders for large or small projects handmade in Austin, TX. Do you live in the area? Let’s arrange for a local pickup so you can skip the shipping cost!


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Computer nerd by day, wood worker by night, weekend and every bit of free time in between.

A couple years ago I had an idea for recessed shelves to spruce up my kitchen a bit and thought, "Psh, I could do that in a weekend!" I also had no tools or even a workbench so I was starting completely from scratch. That project took nearly a year to get exactly right and I learned just about everything with what Not to do. It also taught me valuable woodworking skills, patience and gave me an immense appreciation for the craft. Fortunately for me, I've gotten much better since then. After returning to civilian life from active duty deployments, this was a productive and gratifying way to keep my mind occupied, focused and moving forward.

Every piece I make has some part of me with it. Not blood, not sweat, but my time and history. I can only make so many tables or cutting boards or cabinets, and so everyone of them is special in that I devote myself to it and focus on the details where other big name assembly line manufacturers may miss. Besides building, seeing the satisfied and excited look in people's eyes when I deliver their customized "thing" makes it that much more worth it.

What can I build for you today?

And if interested in how I put some of these projects together? Check out my YouTube for build videos.


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